Who We Are

Our story begins with each other, Skyler & Alyce, a husband + wife team who founded Queen Cup Coffee in 2020.

Skyler, a Santa Ynez local, moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue an education in music & sound production. As he was developing inspiration within the diverse and eclectic city, he began his career in coffee managing and leading a team in Los Angeles serving third wave coffee and developing his talent in the community.

Alyce, born and raised in LA, spent her professional years in different management and operational positions and more recently a lead coordinator with a boutique wedding planner. After fine tuning her love for advocacy, she achieved her Master’s Degree in Human Behavior which ultimately sharpened her understandings of the different and colorful individuals which make up our evolving life experiences.

After growing our relationship while living and working in Los Angeles, we each realized it was part of our next step to expand our goals and start our own ‘royal’ foundation. As our love for coffee also continued to evolve, our inspiration developed after visiting coffee shops in cities like Portland, Seattle, Victoria Canada and Brisbane Australia. While traveling and enjoying other ‘coffee communities’ and inspired by our own personal visions, our passions motivated us to now provide quality coffee that pairs so well with amazing local food and wine while fulfilling our dreams here in the Santa Ynez Valley!

Our Feelings.

Queen Cup Coffee represents equality reflected in the integrity of our product. As a queen cup is the symbol of the foundation of a larger colony, we promise to serve ethically sourced products and encourage our local shop to serve as an inviting atmosphere with your friends and family as you enjoy exceptional quality service.

… also we have a lot of feelings.

Our love for great coffee & the motivation to share our life experiences with our community, inspired us to create Queen Cup Coffee

Why We’re Here?

Sometimes we meet people who change you for the better,

these people are called baristas.

Our Focus.

We have a spectacular symbiotic relationship with our team at The Lucky Hen Larder serving exceptional sandwiches and artisan cheeses all which inspire a spontaneous happy dance with each bite!

This ‘full circle’ philosophy Queen Cup Coffee carries within the foundation of our business, gives us the privilege to bring a well crafted proper cup of coffee to you.


Skyler + Alyce Barrick